Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The World

"What is this enemy that the Scripture calls 'the world'? Is it drinking and dancing and smoking? Is it going to the movies or playing cards? That is a shallow and ridiculous approach to holiness. It numbs us to the fact that good and evil are more more serious. The Scriptures never prohibit drinking alcohol, only drunkeness; dancing was a vital part of King David's live; and while there are some godly movies out there, there are also some very ungodly churches. No, 'the world' is not a place or a set of behaviors--it is any system built by our collective sin, all our false selves coming together to reward and destroy each other. Take all those posers out there, put them together in an office or a club or a church, and what you get is what the Scriptures mean by the world." ~ John Eldredge; Wild at Heart (pg. 149)

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