Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dry and Empty

The past few days I have felt very empty. What I have posted are old ponderings I posted over a year ago. There just has not been thinking about anything of relevance to this blog in days.

Part of that has to do with the fact that I have not cracked open my Bible or done any other reading of significance. The fuel for my ponderings is what I read. So if I am not reading things that spur my thoughts then I am not thinking.

This reality prompted my thinking: it is important for us to replenish our fuel. We can't keep going on with a limited amount of fuel. Whether we are talking about gas for our cars, food for our bodies, or information for our brains we must keep putting the fuel in or otherwise we will run out.

Now I could give you reasons why I haven't kept up on my reading like I should, but they would really be excuses. We make time to do what is important, and the truth is the past few days reading the Bible and reading about being a Christ-Follower just hasn't been very important to me.

Isn't this something we all struggle with from time to time? Life gets in the way, new circumstances get in the way, and those disciplines that keep us connected to God get pushed aside. At first we don't even notice it, but after while we notice the change in our outlook on life, in our conduct towards other people, and our ability to ponder the wonders of God. We can't do much good if we are dry and empty.

So when life throws off our routine and messes with our disciplines we have to be quick to adapt or we might lose those things altogether. The importance isn't when we do these things, but that we do them. With that being said I need to go; I have some reading that I need to do.

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