Thursday, October 12, 2006

Don't Live Alone

You must not go alone. From the beginning, right there in Eden, the Enemy’s strategy has relied upon a simple aim: divide and conquer. Get them isolated, and take them out.” ~ John Eldredge; Waking the Dead

The one thing in all of Creation that God saw that was not good was that man was alone. To remedy that situation God created a woman to go along with the man. Now there is obvious implications for marriage here, for God did not create another man to be Adam’s companion, but he created a woman.

This relationship between Adam and Eve provided the solution to the only problem Creation saw before sin entered the picture. First, there was the companionship and intimacy which developed between these two lovers. They were exactly what they needed to help the loneliness that was in their hearts.

Second, from their love would come other people ensuring that there would always be opportunities for a person to be part of a group of other people. The creation of man and woman was not just about showing the importance of marriage and male/female companionship, but it was also about creation of other people. God blessed them and told them, Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters over the fish and birds and all the animals (Genesis 1:28; NLT). God created us to have relationships with other people.

Not only do we miss out on much of what God has planned for us when we neglect the relationships in our lives, but we allow Satan the opportunity to fill that void in our lives. I am convinced that one of the best ways to overcome temptation and to resist Satan is to be around other people, especially other Christians, who will encourage us to do what is right. With out companionship we are more likely to fall.

I struggle with making and maintaining relationships. I am very introverted and I am happy spending large portions of time by myself. The problem is that it is when I am alone, when no one else is with me, that Satan really can work on me. The fear, doubt, and insecurities which plague my life are a result of not having constant companionship in my life.

Don’t think that extroverts have it much better. Sure they are out going and seem to make friends easily and have many different relationships. The problem is that many times these relationships are superficial and do extend much further than casual acquaintance. The extrovert can be just as much alone in a room full of people as the introvert is sitting at home alone.

For us to deepen our relationship with God and to walk by faith it is essential for us to develop meaningful relationships in our lives. We need other Christians in our lives willing to stand by us, encourage us, to help us out, to pray for and with us, and just to be friends we can count on no matter what happens. This world is tough and it is impossible for us to make it through on our own. We need the love and companionship of other people.

Finally, all of you should be of one mind, full of sympathy toward each other, loving one another with tender hearts and humble minds. ~ 1 Peter 3:8; NLT


Christian Eye said...

Good insight, Paul. I myself recently got married and I couldn't be happier. I feel that I've even grown as a Christian by having that accountability and sounding board in Keri.

Its tough to be single but don't forget the benefits. Paul writes that we can devote more time to serving God's people as a single than we can as a married couple.

God bless, man!

Wings that Soar said...

Hey Paul,
My thoughts exactly!!! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Katherine said...

You are right Paul. It is hard to be single, and the extrovert can be just as alone. But, I am not sure that the answer would be that a person can NEVER live alone (which is what the quote seems to imply). Some of my sweetest times in my relationship with Christ are when I do get alone with only Him. But, this need for community is fulfilled because Christ came for the Church, not me alone.
Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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