Saturday, October 28, 2006

Through the Darkness

I could hear the others calling in the darkness, though I could not see them. The darkness seemed to be different than anything I had experienced before. It seemed to creep and to cover. It seemed to be alive. A great doubt crept into my heart and I realized our mission was doomed to fail, there was no way we could overcome such darkness. As I was ready to give into my despair I remembered; ‘My Word provides light for your journey.’ Once again Arkia’s promise brought hope out of despair.

I could sense another next to me. I put my hand on his shoulder. ‘The darkness is overwhelming. All is lost.’ Halen whispered.

‘Take courage my friend. All is not lost. Do not focus on the darkness around you. Think about the light Arkia has placed in your heart.’

‘It seems such a small thing compared to this vast darkness. How can such a small light make a difference?’

I smiled and lifted my staff. ‘Arkia, the Keeper of Light, illuminate the way,’ I prayed.
My staff began to glow providing us light. ‘Even the smallest light is able to chase the darkness away. Come let us find our friends.’

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