Sunday, October 22, 2006

What we Know is Enough

"Our approach to apologetics assumes that we are engaging an individual who has a cohesive view of truth and reality. When a person freely and often contradicts himself without regard to continuity and does not see that contradictions as evidence or proof that he is wrong, it leaves Christians frustrated and paralyzed in the work of evangelism...For too long we have hidden behind the rightness of propositional truth and have ignored the question of whether or not it works. Does the faith you advocated get you to God? If people are observing your Christianity and reserving their allegiance to see what team actually wins, is there enough evidence in your life to cause a person to see Jesus as sufficient? What an incredible opportunity we have in a world of uncertianty! We know that God is and that Jesus is his name. There are many things that we don't know, but what we know is enough." ~ Erwin McManus; An Unstoppable Force; p. 58

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