Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Far Reaching Consequences of Sin

A sobering thought I have pondering that last few days is the result of my sin. I believe when it comes to sin we don’t fully understand the far reaching consequences of our actions. Henry Blackaby wrote:
“Sin carries awful consequences. Sin is devastatingly real in its consequences in every person alike. There are no favorites or exceptions” (Created to Be God's Friend)

A good example of this reality is Abraham. God had promised him a son, but after years of waiting Abraham and his wife Sarah were still childless. To help God out the couple decided to go ahead and have a son by an acceptable cultural method. Abraham and Sarah had a son through Sarah’s servant. While this may have been acceptable to the culture it was disobedience to God, and the consequences of that decision are still felt today in the Middle East. Abraham’s sin had far reaching consequences. David’s sin with Bathsheba assured that David’s family would always have trouble and sexual transgressions would be a part of his family’s legacy.

We may think we have covered our tracks and hidden our sin because we have not felt the immediate consequences of our sins, but that doesn’t mean that damage has not been done because of what we have done. Can we be certain that no one will ever find out about our sin? Are there people who are affected that we no nothing about? What about the good we failed to do because of the evil we were doing? Because of God’s grace Satan has falsely lead us to believe that our sin is no big deal. “God will forgive me,” we rationalize.

Sin is a big deal. Every time we disobey God there are real consequences that affect those around us. Those consequences I believe are most often seen in the absence of blessings in our lives. When we are involved in sin our friends and family are unable to experience the blessings of God that they are to have because of us. Sin hinders us from experiencing all that God has for us.

The sad reality is that many people turn to sin to numb them from the pressures and difficulties of life. The very thing they hope will give them a few moments of joy is the very thing which insures they will continue to live a life absent of joy and blessing. The consequences of sin we experience in this life are rarely out in the open for everyone to see, but are often discovered in what our lives is missing.

What do you think you have missed out because of your sin? What blessings have your friends and family missed because of your sin? What good have you not done because of sin? I am certain that one of the punishments every person will experience will be the revelation of the life we missed. Imagine seeing what your life could have been like if you had only obeyed God’s call. For those who are Christians we will be deeply moved to repentance and acknowledge God’s grace in dealing with us. For those who are not Christians will come a deep seated but misplaced anger for God not helping them (Now of course this is just my opinion, not revealed Truth, but I think it is something worth considering).

The day will surely come when God, by Jesus Christ, will judge everyone’s secret life. This is my message. ~ Romans 2:16; NLT

Even if we think we have gotten away with our sin right now there will come a time when we will be able to hide no longer the evil that we have done. When that time comes the only that will save us from the eternal consequences of our sin is our faith in Jesus Christ. Sin is deadlier than we realize and only Jesus can save us from its awful consequences.

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