Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Inappropiate Intimacy

"Do not open your heart to everyone, but discuss your private concerns with a person who is wise and who reveres God. Do not spend much time with young people or strangers; instead, develop the friendships you have, especially with those who are older and wiser than you are. Do not flatter the rich, and do not be eager to be seen with important people. Rather, be with the humble and the simple, with the devout and the obedient, and talk about those things which help you to beome more holy. If you are a man under religious vows, do not be intimate with any woman, but commend all good women in general to God; if you are a woman under religious vows, do likewise with men. Seek, instead, a more intimate friendship with God and his angels, and avoid becoming emotionally or spiritually dependent on other people.

"We should have great love toward everyone, but intimacy often gets in the way of our spiritul development. Sometimes it happens that a stranger shines from a good reputation, but when we meet him he falls far short of what we expected. Sometimes we intend to please others by our own company, and instead we displease them by the shortcomings they see in us." ~ Thomas à Kempis; The Imitation of Christ; pg. 37 (William C. Creasy, translator)

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Katherine said...

Wonderful words from a very deep book! Thanks for posting them.

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