Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Questions

“Christmas cards in general and the whole vast commercial drive called ‘Xmas’ are one of my pet abominations; I wish they could die away and leave the Christian feast unentangled. Not of course that even secular festivities are, on their own level, an evil; but the labored and organized jollity of this—the spurious childlikeness—the half-hearted and sometimes rather profane attempts to keep up some superficial connection with the Nativity—are disgusting.” ~ C.S. Lewis

I have three questions that I would like for you to answer:

  1. In what ways have we allowed Christmas to be disgusting in the way we celebrate it in our Churches?
  2. What would you like seen done in your own celebration of Christmas that might help restore meaning to the holiday?
  3. Why should we bother with Christmas at all?

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