Thursday, January 25, 2007

Choosing Our Moments

We all have dreams. I have dreams of writing books, preaching great sermons, traveling to far away places, and having a family. There are so many things that I would like to accomplish or to have as part of my life, but when I take time to examine my so called life I realize that time constantly moving forward and my dreams are gradually falling away. Life, quiet literally, is passing me by.

May I assume for a moment that the same is true with you? Sure you dreams maybe different, but the life you have is not the life you want. You want your life to count for something and to be part of something special but it seems like time is running out on all that you would like to accomplish. Just like me you look at life and realize that another day has passed without any of these things coming true.

Why does life seem to gradually slip away? I believe it is because of the choices that we make. I am not talking about choices between good and evil, but between using time and wasting time. Erwin McManus wrote, “This may sound too simple, but the abundant life that Jesus promises is ushered in through the choices we make in the ordinary moments of life” (Seizing Your Divine Moment, pg. 35).

Each day we are given time to use at our discretion. Yes we have responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Clothes need to be washed, meals need to be prepared, jobs need to completed, and children need to be attended and love. Yet even with all our responsibilities we still seem to find time to watch 24, American Idol, CSI, and Lost. While we want to be seen as being busy, because being busy in a badge of honor in our culture, the reality is that we do have quite a bit of time to be used at our discretion.

In this moments when we get to choose what we want to do how do we use our time? I am afraid that too often I end up wasting my time. Reading blogs, watching movies, and playing my Playstation 2. Rather than doing something productive I choose to entertain myself. In the process I squander the moments of life God has blessed me with.

A moment may not seem like a big deal, but a moment is all that is needed to change the course of our lives. Again I like what Erwin McManus wrote in Seizing Your Divine Moment:
“The present moment is where the past and the future collide, and within a moment there is monumental potential. That’s the mystery of a moment. It is small enough to ignore and big enough to change your life forever. Life is the sum total of what you do with the moments given you” (pg. 18)

When we choose the path of least resistance, whether it is to be lazy or simply to seek out fun we miss out on the life God wants us to have. There will come a time in your life when you look back and wonder: Where has my life gone?
{15} Be careful then how you live, not as unwise people but as wise,{16} making the most of the time, because the days are evil. {17} So do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. (Ephesians 5:15-17; NRSV)

We are to be careful in how we use the moments God has given to us. To live carefully has very little to do with the safety precautions for our protection and has everything to do with how we choose, wisely or foolishly, to use our time. Time is our most precious commodity, it is more valuable than money, and the direction of our lives are determined by the we decide to use those seconds that are continually ticking away. The choices that we make effect how we use our moments. Our moments effect the condition of our lives.

Here is the question I want to leave you with: Are you being careful in how you use your time? It is never too late to start being careful with our God given moments and pursuing the life He has created for us to live.


theoquest said...

Even as I've found a thousand worthless things to do in procrastinating the writing of a paper that's soon due, I've been thinking along these same lines. I need to pay closer attention to how my moments get away...

Paul said...

I am glad to hear someone else confess to wasting time. It is amazing how all those fun time wasting things we find to do so quietly steals our lives away. Thanks for the comment.

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