Monday, February 26, 2007

A Week With No Posts

To the faithful few who read my ponderings I am giving you a week of vacation (at least from reading my thoughts). After a time of prayer and worship this morning I decided that I needed a week free from extra distractions (I still have my responsibilities that I need to attend to) so I can focus on my life and devote myself to really pursuing the life God created me to live. It is so easy to allow ourselves to become distracted and in the process allow the opportunities God has placed in our lives to slip away. Giving up blogging is a huge thing for me, I love doing it, but it has also become one of my biggest distraction. So goodbye for now and I hope that you will stop by next week to see what God has being doing in my life.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, I really love reading your posts. I came across them one evening completely by mistake looking for some guidance on really being indignant about sin.

I am from South Africa and am a member of the International Church of Christ.

Looking at a few of your blogs, I thought I must tell you that you are serving a physical church of 40 but a Cyber Church of many more.

I personally feel its great to have a brother in christ out there who is fighting the good fight on the other side of the world. This was something that kept Paul strong in his prison cell and I believe it can be encouraging for us too.

Keep up the great work and I hope this week is full of times of reflection.

I'm keen to hear from you again.

Joy said...

I cannot believe you shaved your head! I LOVE IT!

Paul said...

Thanks for the comments. Joy you must not have been around for a while since you are just noticing my shaved head.

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