Saturday, June 16, 2007

Disappointment with God

I wrote this almost three years ago. It is amazing how God will get you to the right place if you will patiently follow His leading.

"It comes down to this: God's best is available only to those who sacrifice, or who are willing to sacrifice, the merely good. If we are satisfied with good health, responsible children, enjoyable marriages, close friendships, interesting jobs, and successful ministries, we will never hunger for God's best. We will never worship. I've come to believe that only broken people truly worship. Unbroken people (happy folks who enjoy their blessings more than the Blesser) say thanks to God the way a shopper thanks a clerk." ~ Larry Crabb, Shattered Dreams

It is easy to become disappointed with God. We have a plan for our lives and when our plan for happiness does not turn out the way we would like it to we put the blame on God. The disappointment we have with God is not because He broke His promise, but because He didn't conform to our expectations.

I have recently been disappointed with God. The dream I had for my life seemed to be within my reach, when it was suddenly pulled away. I cried out to God, "When will it be my turn to discover happiness?" I was disappointed and that disappointment overshadowed two very important realities in my life.

The first reality is the wonderful life God has already given me. To say that I haven't experienced happiness and joy in my life is to deny the blessings God has put into my life. I have much to be joyful about. I have a family whose love I can count on. I have a ministry in which I have the privilege of watching people grow in their relationship with God. I have food to eat and a place to sleep. The list could go on, but I am sure you get the point. My life is filled with sources of joy and happiness.

The second reality is what the future holds. Abraham spent years waiting for a child. At seventy-five God promises Abraham a child, yet time goes by and nothing happens. Abraham and Sarah decide they have to take matters into their hands and arrange for a Abraham to have a child by a servant. Though a son is born, he is not the son God promised. It is twenty-five years after God's promise of a child Isaac is born to Abraham and Sarah. Through the disappointments of a planned life unfulfilled Abraham discovers the supreme joy of the good life God has promised. The best God has for my life is not discovered in the plan of happiness I have, but in trusting God to prepare me for the life He has in store for me.

As cruel as it might sound to us, God prepares us for the good life He has in store for us through the disappointments and the pain of life. When we are broken and realize that our only chance of true joy is found in our relationship with God then we are able to be the people God created us to be. The good life God has in store for us in found through the disappointments of dreams unfulfilled and trusting in our Heavenly Father to get us through to the other side.

I wish circumstances in my life would have turned out differently, but they did not. I am left with the disappointment of dreams unfulfilled, but I know that what God has in store for my life is better than what I could imagine. Instead of being disappointed with God I need to trust Him to lead me to the place He wants me to be. It is only there that I will discover the happiness He has for my life.


Jennifer said...

I just discovered your blog... very nice and inspirational! I look forward to reading more!



Paul said...

Thanks Jennifer for stopping by and commenting. I am always glad to have new visitors, especially ones who say nice things.

Scott said...

Hey, just found you through BlogSoldiers (one of the many, many programs I am trying to get more than 2 readers a day on my blog).

I totally agree with you on our plans for our life and the shock we get when sometimes God lets us go in the direction we want, and other times He stops us.

I kinda just went through that. I was "young and invincible" until I found out about the cancer growing in my body. At first I was like, "Whoa, God! I'm supposed to live until my 80's! What's with this cancer thing?" But now I know it's all good no matter what happens!

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