Friday, June 29, 2007

Transformed Hearts

"And we? I doubt that many of us would go so far as to say we're transformed. Our names are written down somewhere in heaven, and we have been forgiven. Perhaps we have changed a bit in what we believe and how we act. We confess the creeds now, and we've gotten our temper under control...for the most part. But transformed seems a bit too much to claim. How about forgiven and on our way? That's how most Christians would describe what's happening to them. It's partly true...and partly untrue, and the part that's untrue is what's killing us. We've been told that even though we have placed our hope in Christ, even though we have become his followers, our hearts are still desperately wicked.

"But is that what the Bible teaches?" ~ John Eldredge, Waking the Dead, pg. 57

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