Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Forgetting You

I lie here wishing for someone to hold
Someone to love
Forgetting You are here
Watching, protecting, saving me from sin

Father, I need Your grace
Jesus, I need Your love
Spirit, I need Your guidance
Oh, Lord, I need Your salvation in my life

I sit here remembering my mistakes
Wishing the past to be changed
Forgetting You are forgiving
Cleansing me from all my shame

Father, I need Your promise
Jesus, I need Your hope
Spirit, I need Your peace
Oh, Lord, I need Your salvation in my life

I stand here dreaming I was different
Able to do anything I want
Forgetting You are changing me
Recreating me from the inside out

Father, I need Your forgiveness
Jesus, I need Your acceptance
Spirit, I need Your strength
Oh, Lord, I need Your salvation in my life

Poems are always a little harder to share than other writings because they are so closely tied to our hearts. I wrote this poem several years ago after I had graduated from college and was in search of my first ministry. I woke up one night and jotted down the first section and added the next two over the course of a couple of days.

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