Monday, August 27, 2007

Accepting God's Dreams

Think for a moment about the different dreams you have had for your life. What were your dreams for a family, a job, friendships, a house, and whatever else you can think of? Isn’t true that we develop these expectations for what life should be like? I would imagine for most of us the life we are living right now is not the life we dreamed we would have.

On the one hand this isn’t a terrible thing. The life we dreamed of when we were younger was filled with many unrealistic expectations. In fact if we achieved those dreams our lives may have turned out for the worse rather than the better. Think about the life of sports and rock stars. Would we be able to live a life which pleases God if we were surrounded by the temptations they face? What if you married the first crush you ever had; would reality be like the fairy tale you dreamed? We recognize that it is not a horrible thing that all our dreams go unfulfilled.

On the other hand we have dreams which we believe are essential to our happiness. The single person might begin to believe that the one thing which will make their life truly happy is to be married (while a married person might wish for the freedom of singleness). Or a person might believe a certain job, person, or possession is essential for their happiness. When these things do not come our way or are taken away our dreams of a happy life are shattered. We shake our fist at God and shout; “Don’t You care about my happiness? I thought You loved me!” More often then not God’s answer to us is silence. We pray and pray and pray and God remains unresponsive.

According to the Bible God does care about us. 1 Peter 5:7 reads; Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you (NLT). So we are left with a dilemma. Either the Bible is lying and God doesn’t care about us (or doesn’t even exist) or God wants something different from our lives.

I am convinced that God has a wonderful life for us. The problem is that what God dreams for our lives and what we dream for our lives are two different things. If we were honest our dreams are selfish, sure they may be simple dreams, but they usually center around some selfish desire. God’s dream for us is about being part of what He is doing in the world.

Until our dreams are shattered and we wake up to God’s dreams for our lives; we will always put more effort into achieving what we think will make us happy rather than on what will make us holy. Ultimately God’s dream for our lives is more concerned with our holiness than our happiness. It is by allowing our dreams to shatter that God helps us discover the life He has planned for us. Can there be a better life than the one which comes from the Creator?


David said...

The examples that you mention certainly support your point, but you don't mention how it is that giving children cancer, drowning 283,000 people in Indonesia in 2004, allowing rape and Parkinson's, and so many other evils supports your position that God is a good being.

In Job, God kills Job's wife and children for no good reason. After immense suffering, Job lashes out at God. God's response? He displays no remorse, he simply tells Job that because He created everything, he will act as he pleases. Sure, God gives his faithful servant a new family, status, and riches. But what of the innocents slaughtered?

Tom said...

Is there really anyone on this planet who is innocent?

We live in a fallen world destroyed by man's rebellious nature against God. Is God out to get us? No, we have created the mess ourselves. Instead it is out great God who wants to rescue and redeem our hearts.

God is good. We are not.

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