Saturday, August 11, 2007

Coffee Addiction

I am not, but perhaps other people in my family should check to see how addicted they are to the Christian drug of choice.


Julianne Bell said...

Where is the quiz for addicted to Coke for the caffeine and fizz? I confess, soda pop is not all about the flavor and fizz for me, the caffeine is one of my shortcomings.

Blessings to you!

Andrew said...

Hey i just found your blog with a search for coffee addiction and christian.

I am actually, seriously, addicted to caffeine. And I'm a christian. And I think its having a negative effect on my relationships with others and the Lord.

Paul said...


thanks for commenting. I am sorry that caffeine is playing such a big part in your life. If you think it is such I big problem I would suggest getting some professional help. I know that counseling helped me work through some problems I was facing last year. You have my prayers.

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