Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Quote: Peace and God

"Peace is another property and mark of the kingdom of God. Peace and righteousness are twin-sisters--they always dwell together, and are never separated. The Righteous have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ--They have peace in their own hearts, 'for there is no condemnation to them, who are in Christ Jesus.'--They are led to live peaceably with all men, as much as in them lies, because they love peace. They endeavor to make and promote peace, and 'quench the coals of growing strife.' Peace is the darling attribute of God himself; he is called 'The God of peace.' It is the attribute of the great Mediator; he is called 'the prince of peace.' It is also the attribute of his church and people, for they are called 'the kingdom of peace, the children of peace,' and the gospel, the word of reconciliation is called 'the gospel of peace.'" ~ Barton W. Stone, Christian Messenger, September 1840

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