Saturday, November 17, 2007

My choice for president is...

There was not a presidential candidate that I even liked, let alone got excited about, until I started to read and listen to Ron Paul. As a conservative he makes a lot of sense and being part of the Restoration Movement, which believes that the Bible is the foundation for belief and practice, his message of returning to the Constitution resonates with me as well.

Here are some links to find out more about Ron Paul and his beliefs:

Who is Ron Paul?

Debt and Taxes

War and Foreign Policy

Life and Liberty


Duane Johnson said...

Thanks! I'm kinda like you in that I've never been involved with politics before, and yet I find myself working for and thinking about the Ron Paul Revolution almost every day. I'm inspired by what I see--a man of integrity who doesn't take the limelight for himself, but rather, moves aside so that the ideas get the attention. It's so refreshing to find humility in a leader!

Stan said...

Have you considered the Constitution Party? They believe the types of things you were favoring without being loony like Ron Paul. (Personally, the thought of electing a man who says, "Hey, if Iran has nuclear weapons, who cares?" scares me.)

Paul said...

I have looked at the Constitution Party. And you are right they do appeal to me as far as a party goes. One of my reasons in backing Ron Paul at this point is to make sure a different voice is heard. Perhaps it is time to start thinking about what can be accomplished through a new party.

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