Monday, January 28, 2008

Monetary Policy

The United States is on the brink of tough financial times because of poor monetary policy. The one candidate that understands this better than all the others is Ron Paul. To get back on the right track we need to listen to what he is saying.
"But these actions, directed by the Federal Reserve, alter the purchasing power of our money. And that purchasing power is always reduced. The dollar today is worth only four cents compared to the dollar in 1913, when the Federal Reserve started. This has profound consequences for our economy and our political stability. All paper currencies are vulnerable to collapse, and history is replete with examples of great suffering caused by such collapses, especially to a nation's poor and middle class. This leads to political turmoil." ~ Ron Paul

Read what Dr. Paul has to say about monetary policy.


Stan said...

I get that you're a Ron Paul supporter (despite his terrifyingly naive statements about things like Iran and nuclear weapons), but I'm wondering ... do you think there is even the slightest possible chance that he can get elected?

I ask not because I am attempting to diminish your outspoken support for your guy, but because I am in the same spot with mine. I think the best man for the job is Duncan Hunter. I've voted for him in the primary. I know he can't get elected. I just wonder how long I should muddle about down here in the "nowhere" before I start picking who I might support who may be in the actual running.

Paul said...

Thanks for the comment. I realize the Ron Paul won't get elected. The main reason I have thrown my support to him is because I like his message, especially on domestic issues. The reason I continue to support him is to get the message of the Constitution, small government, and more state control out to the people because it is hard to find anywhere else.

I think in this election cycle it is hard to see just who will get the nomination. There are still a few to choose from. The decision I made was that I was going to support Ron Paul until he leaves the race and then I would go with the Republican nominee. So I won't be changing horses until after the Republican convention. Right now I don't know if it matters much who we support as long as we have solid reasons for supporting them.

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