Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome Back!

The last two weeks I have spent in New Mexico with my girlfriend Alyssa and her family. It was a great time, an extended time together that we really needed.

The problem is that I have returned home to the worse cold that I have had in a long time. To put it simply: I am miserable. Preaching yesterday was rough, though with God's grace it turned out very well. Today I have not felt up to doing too much of anything even though I have a new sermon series to prepare and a new Bible Study to prepare (which I will talk about more at another time).

As I am battling this cold and wanting to sleep I am also learning about being a pet owner for the first time. I picked out Barkley(Fox terrier/rat terrier mix) on December 8. At the time he was just about a month old and not ready to leave his mother so the soonest I could have gotten him was around Christmas time, but since I knew I was headed to see Alyssa for two weeks I had the farmer hold him until I got back. I picked Barkley up on Saturday evening, and he spent the rest of the evening scared to death. Anyway I have endured two nights of little sleep which makes me feel even worse.

So I apologize for not having any words of wisdom to share with you today, but on the plus side you got to see a picture of my cute puppy Barkley. I will have something for you tomorrow.

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