Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Creationism is Dangerous to Science

I was reading PZ Myers' blog, Pharyngula, today and read his reaction to a study that surveyed High School Biology teachers about their belief of God's involvement in the formation of life on earth. According to Myers the study was the most depressing thing he has seen this week (just think the week is still young, things could get a lot more depressing). It was depressing because the vast majority of H.S. Biology teachers believed God created life. 47% believed that God guided the process of evolution and 16% (the most depressing number) believed in some form of young earth creation.

It was interesting to read Myers' response to this so called problem, which happened to be in agreement with what the authors of the study concluded. The solution to this dangerous problem of believing in a Creator is more education. In their minds these teachers who believe in creation would cease to believe in God if they had all the facts. After all we can't have people disagreeing with the powers that be.

Read what one commenter had to write:
In my opinion the 72% of biology teachers, who invoke magic to explain evolution, or deny evolution completely, should be fired immediately.

Sounds a little like Expelled to me. It is easy to see from reading the comments how their atheistic world view colors the way they look at science. To even suggest that a Creator had a hand in creation is blasphemy to the atheist scientist.

I look at this study and it confirms my belief that the greatest threat to the Church isn't militant atheism or the teaching of evolution, but the seduction of materialism. The vast majority of people will look at this world, even through the lens of science, and conclude that there is a God, but the things of this world keep those very same people from truly committing their lives to Him.


theoquest said...

Good thoughts Paul. I realy fight this in student ministry. It's hard to get people to see beyond the 'stuff' of this life.

-For some reason, I'm really thinking of the Screwtape Letters now.

Paul said...

I had the same trouble when I was in student ministry, and it has translated over to pastoral ministry. The here and now dim the reality of eternity.

Have you ever read "Screwtape proposes a toast"? It is an essay the Lewis did some years after Letters, and it shows amazing insight (just like The Screwtape Letters) about the human condition and the ways we are being deceived.

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