Friday, May 23, 2008

Spiritual Journey

Reading Larry Crabb's book The Safest Place on Earth I came across this paragraph which really struck a chord with me:

"We moderns tend to think our spiritual journey as a God-directed adventure until something goes seriously wrong or until certain problems persist past the time we give God to take them away. Then we think about solving the problems more than about finding God in the midst of them. We focus more on using God to improve our lives than on worshipping Him in any and every circumstance. We think more about pathology--what can be fixed--than about the journey we're on." (p. 17)
In our efforts to create the life of our choosing, even a "spiritual" life, we miss out on God. We miss out on God because our purpose becomes more about fashioning the life we want rather than truly connecting with God and receiving from Him the life He wants us to have. Something to think about.

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