Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Great Plea

Introduction to the Restoration Ideal #1

To begin his book, Introduction to the Restoration Ideal, Marshall Leggett shares the following story:
“Many years ago now, the Episcopal rector who ministered across the street from the First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio, crossed that street, visited the evening service, and responded to the invitation. Upon being immersed by P. H. Welshimer, he said, ‘Sir, you people have the greatest plea on earth. But you’re the stingiest with it.” (.9)

Leggett goes on to write; “This is the way I feel about the movement to restore the New Testament church to its pristine purity.”

I feel the same way. It could be that I am biased, having been part of the Christian Church/Church of Christ my entire life, but I do think we have a message, a plea, that needs to be heard throughout the universal church. It is a plea that calls us back to the New Testament and it is a plea that calls us to lay aside our differences and come together for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Over the next several weeks we will slowly look at sections of this book. My hope is to expose more people to the plea of the Restoration Movement, because the plea isn’t about a certain group or denomination of churches, but a plea to become the church that God wants us to be. Please join me as I ponder through the Introduction of the Restoration Ideal.


Kris said...


This post caught my eye. I, too, am a Christian Church/Church of Christ since birth person. I come from a long line of preachers and missionaries. I even went one year to OCC. I look forward to future writings.


Paul said...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear more from you.

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