Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Great Purpose

Introduction to the Restoration Ideal #6

Marshall Leggett closes chapter one of his book, Introduction to the Restoration Ideal, with a series of questions:
“What can be more challenging to the young minister than the ideal that calls him to be both Biblical and undenominational in his preaching? Where can a new Christian find more motivation than in the ideal to be a Christian only? Where is there a better model for a church than to seek to restore the essential marks of the church of the New Testament? (p. 15)

I believe that in the Restoration Ideal we find a purpose for us to live. The restoration ideal has always influenced what I preach and what I write. There is something freeing about setting our sights on restoring the Church to the New Testament standard. This restoration begins with us as individuals. Leggett writes; “If you are looking for what will give meaning to your Christian service, let me introduce you to the restoration ideal” (p. 15). I hope you will continue to join me on this journey to discover the restoration ideal.

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