Monday, July 21, 2008

A Faith Lived Out

Faith is much more about how we live then it is about what we believe. The mark of great faith is not superior knowledge but superior trust. We can know the Bible from the front to the back, but if it is not applied to how we live our lives than it just a bunch of nice sayings. The person of faith applies God's Word to his/her life.

I struggle with this. It is so much easier to know things about the Bible, and thus know things about God, than it is to step into the unknown trusting solely on God. It is easier to read the Bible than it is to love your neighbor, and yet true faith demands that we love our neighbor and not merely agree that it is the second most important commandment.

One of my prayer is that I will have a relationship with God and not merely be content on knowing a few facts about Him. I want to live a life of faith and not just increase my knowledge on what the Bible says. How do I do this? The answer is obedience. When I obey what God has commanded me to do I experience God at work in the world around me and I develop a greater trust in Him and His Word. If I never seek to obey God beyond the Bible's teaching of morality, then I will miss out on experiencing God and never develop my trust in who God is.

Faith is an essential part of our lives. Without it we will never become the people God wants us to be and we will never experience the personal relationship with God that He has made possible. Faith is not just about what we know about God, but it is about our obedience to Him. In this Abraham is our great example: when God said go Abraham went. That is the type of faith I want.

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