Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Brilliant Choice

I have spent a few minutes this evening reading what some people, mostly in blog comments, had to say about Senator McCain’s Vice President selection. Governor Sarah Palin may not have been a house hold name, but she was an excellent choice. Here are the reasons why:

1. She is a woman. Now either ticket can claim to have a first: the first black president or the first woman vice president. While we may want to believe that people don’t vote for such superficial reasons, the reality is that they do. So this will give those women, who were aching to vote for Senator Clinton so she could be the first woman president, a new choice. It may not be a huge block of voters, but they are out there.

2. Her accomplishments. I haven’t looked into her accomplishments, so I can’t give you a list, but I am willing to bet that what she has accomplished in 1 1/2 as governor is more than the accomplishments the Senator Obama can list. Here is the thing about experience, it isn’t just about the amount of time on the job, it is also about what you were able to do in that time. While Senator Obama has worked his way through a few different political positions, his actual accomplishments haven’t prepared him to be president. Sure Governor Palin is the governor of a small population state, it is a huge state area wise. What she has done as chief executive of Alaska makes her more qualified to be president than Senator Obama. If he can’t stack up to her, the vice president candidate, when it comes to actual accomplishments, then how will he compare to Senator McCain?

3. Not Politics as usual. Governor Palin went after corrupt Republicans in Alaska. She appointed Independents and Democrats to political positions. When you add this to Senator McCain who has stepped across the aisle (for good or bad) to author legislation with Democrats you have a ticket that has not toed the party line and has not sought to keep the status quo. What have Senators Obama and Biden done? The answer is the same as what I hear outside my bedroom window: crickets chirping.

4. She is a conservative. Governor Palin gives the conservative base of the Republican party reason to hope that John McCain will do the right thing when it comes to nominations. It shows us that he is willing to listen and that perhaps, just perhaps, we can trust him as president. Here is another thing to remember: if the conservatives as energized and mobilized then Senator McCain will win. Governor Palin will help motivate conservative voters who may have been planning to sit this election out.

I had already decided to vote for Senator McCain. I had arrived at that decision for two reasons. First, I don’t know if the country can survive four years of Senators Obama and Biden. Where does Senator Obama think he is going to get the money for all of his wonderful programs? Second, their is no guarantee that a conservative movement would arise from the ashes of a Barrack Obama presidency. I figured I had to go with what was there and hope for the best. So Governor Palin’s selection today gave me hope that I made the right decision.

---- Update --- September 7, 2008 ---

While I still believe that Senator McCain's selection of Governor Palin was a brilliant political move, I have decided not to vote McCain/Palin come November. I am not for sure what I will do at this point, but I don't think I have the stomach to vote for Senator McCain.


Anonymous said...

another thing i think people are overlooking about her is she is from Alaska, where we need to be drilling in order to lower fuel prices and she is pro-drilling in alaska, and has the connections and pull to get that door open and keep it open. Fuel costs are definitely one of the bigger issuesin teh election, and maybe the biggest to the casual voter.

Kris said...

i am happy about the pick also. i went from voting against obama to voting for mccain/palin


Paul said...


You make a good point. It is easier to talk about drilling in Alaska if you are able to have the governor of Alaska talk about it.


I still think I am mainly voting against Senators Obama/Biden, but Governor Palin gives me more hope that Senator McCain will do the right thing if elected.

Rebecca said...

I just posted a blog about Palin and then I come here and you have beat me to it. I am excited as well, in fact I got teary-eyed when I watched her speech. She gave a good impression. I would rather her be a heart beat away from the Presidency than most other politicians I know.

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