Monday, September 29, 2008


Introduction to the Restoration Ideal #13

The founders of the Restoration Movement emphasized the importance of the Bible. For them the Bible was what guided and informed their faith. The reason they put that importance on the Bible because they believed that the Bible was indeed the written word of God.

What this means is that the Bible is Christ-centered. Marshall Leggett writes;
“The entire Bible is about Christ, as He is the culmination of God’s plan to bring men back to Him. But this in now way diminishes the importance of the Scripture. On the contrary, it reinforces its necessity. How could one have knowledge of Christ without the written Word that contains it? How could one know His love and will without ‘vehicles’ that carry that message? It would be like having music without notes and mathematics without numbers.” (p. 50)

It is though the Bible that we understand what God is doing. How else could we know about a single Jewish preacher in the first century, let alone the meaning of His death, or His resurrection. Only the Bible gives us what we need to know so we can put our faith in Christ Jesus.

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