Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Economic Mess

We have been hearing a lot about the economy lately. It might turn out to be THE issue of the election as we enter the home stretch. Of course this plays right into Senator Obama's hand, because he can claim that our current economic crisis is the result of failed Republican policy. My question is: What is Senator Obama's solution? It is one thing to understand that there is a problem, it is another thing to know the solution to that problem.

Senator McCain on the other hand seems to believe that we just have to wait this out and that the "fundamentals of the economy" are strong. Even if Senator McCain is right, how is he going to convince people who are feeling an economic crunch that things are okay?

I think it is crazy that Congressman Ron Paul has been talking about these things for five years, he understood the consequences of our nation's fiscal policy. Dr. Paul knew what was happening, and no one wanted to listen. In my book that means he is the one guy we need to turn to for answers, yet neither Senator McCain or Senator Obama want to. The Republicans and Democrats can point fingers and blame each other, but the reality is that both parties are to blame. Each party has done their share to create big government and to help prop up are sagging economy.

Craig Westover at writes about the fact that Congressman Paul has been talking about these economic issues long before they become the concerns they are today.
On Sept. 10, 2003, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, testified before House Financial Services Committee, which was holding hearings regarding special privileges extended to government sponsored enterprises (GSEs). Think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In his testimony. Paul criticized such privileges in general and warned of the potential for disaster posed by government involvement with Fannie and Freddie specifically.
You can read Mr. Westover's column here.


Rebecca said...

I was watching a talk show where one guy was saying that the President has little to do with where we are in the economy - that we have to ride it out. Something like that.

Paul said...

I wouldn't disagree with that. Two things I do want to point out. The thing I really wanted to point out with this link is the fact that neither major party candidate has a grasp on economy. The second is that while the President has little to do with the economy, he is able to set policy. A president with a good economic policy would hopefully be able to point the economy in the right direction. Though, where we are at right now all we can do is to ride it out, but I do believe that requires us to make good personal economic decisions.

Joy in the Journey said...

Good morning~~
McCain said that the government has to stop bailing out financial institutions. He said it, in all places, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We absolutely cannot allow a red-blooded communist, supported by the mob machine in Chicago, conduct business out of the Oval Office. Obama is an empty suit that we cannot allow to implement socialist policies.

On a lighter note, sorry about the Iowa/Pitt result. On paper, it looks like the stats show Iowa winning. Maybe ya'll will get lucky on 10/18. :D

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday.


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