Monday, September 08, 2008

Just Asking

In this week's Christian Standard has an excellent article by Jim Tune in which he asks five questions that the Restoration Movement needs to asks itself. He writes:
I’ll be the first to admit that the vision for unity around simple New Testament Christianity has been obscured at times by legalism and harsh sectarian attitudes in our fellowship. The glare of strife and division blinded many young leaders—myself included—to that which was winsome and worthwhile about our identity and platform. This left many younger leaders feeling apathetic, even disdainful, toward both our heritage and our doctrinal distinctives. There was a corrective pendulum swing toward greater grace and a more generous orthodoxy. But I believe now the pendulum has swung too far.
I want to encourage you to finish reading what Jim Tune writes in Just Asking, for I think he raises some very good questions, especially for those of us who are associated with the Restoration Movement. Plus, this provides a good reason to get back to the book Introduction to the Restoration Ideal that I started to blog through at the end of June.


Jim said...

Thanks for your interest in my article. A number of blogs have picked it up and I've received an astonishing number of letters. Although I'm part of the "Independent Christian Church" stream, a lot of the feedback as been from Church of Christ folk (non-instrumental). Any thoughts on why it resonates with the C of C crowd?

Jim Tune

Paul said...


I wish I could help you out, but the Church of Christ I minister at is instrumental. Across the state of Iowa there are many Churches of Christ that are instrumental, which does cause confusion.

I can speak to why it resonates with me. I have been asking myself three of those five questions. It was neat to read what I had been thinking about put into words.

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