Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sports Saturday: Big Ten Opener

I didn't post my reaction to the games last week. Not only was I disappointed by Iowa's one point loss, but also because I was not able to see the Denver game and so I was unable to react to it.

Iowa opens up the Big Ten at home against Northwestern. On paper (at least according to my dad) this is a game Iowa should win. Iowa has a great defense, a good run offense, but a medicore passing offense. Last week Jake Christensen started for the Hawkeyes, and the more experienced quarterback was unable to led the team to victory. I like Jake, and according to what I hear he is a good kid who puts in the effort, but apperantly he just isn't improving. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he is not a good fit for Iowa's offensive system. This week Rick Stazi gets the start. He has started two games this season, and though he is more inexperienced than Jake, I think he is a better fit in the offense than Jake is.

The reality with Iowa is that they need to keep the game a low scoring game. If the game is under 21 points they have a good chance at winning, but if the other team scores 24 points or more than Iowa is going to have a hard time winning. They just do not have the offensive punch to put up a lot of points. This team needs to win with its defense. That means the offense needs to control the ball with no turn overs. My prediction for this week is Iowa 17 and Northwestern 10.

Denver goes to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. The Chiefs are struggling, and this is a game Denver should win going away. It should be very much like the opening game against Oakland. I hope this will be a game that helps the defense to get things together. I think they have the necessary parts for a good defense, but I don't think they have their defense scheme down yet. If the defense improves then I think that makes Denver one of the teams to beat, a Superbowl favorite, but the defense needs to get better. One think I have learned from all my years of following football, is that sooner or later the offense hits a bump and the defense needs to come through for the team to get a win. If all you have is a good offense, then you will be in trouble. Most likely tomorrow is not a day Denver has to rely on their defense. My prediction is Denver 45 and Kansas City 14.


Rebecca said...

Sorry about Iowa. I am also sorry about Nebraska. How exciting it is when our teams win and oh so sad when they lose. Too bad those stadiums of fans wouldn't be that excited about their relationship with Jesus.

Paul said...

Turnovers kill. Both the teams lost because of turnovers. What is really frustrating is that Iowa should be 5-0 but instead they are 3-2.

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