Monday, October 20, 2008

Maybe We Aren't Following the Constitution

I want to share with you this thought from Congressman Ron Paul. In his book The Revolution: A Manifesto Dr. Paul wrote:
If our government were scrupulously faithful to the Constitution, we would not need to be especially concerned when a person who represents a philosophy different from our own takes political office. Our Constitution delegates relatively few tasks to the federal government, so it should almost be a matter of indifference who is elected. We wouldn't have to worry that a social policy of which we disapproved would be imposed on our neighborhood at the whim of the new president and his court appointees, or that more of our money would be stolen to fund yet another government boondoggle. And we would also be spared the spectacle of countless American individuals and corporations frantically donating to candidates for political office during election years in order to reserve a place on the federal gravy train if their favorite should win. (p. 66)

As we look at the current presidential election we discover Republicans who are terrified at the thought of Senator Obama being elected president. They fear his nomination of liberal activist judges will dominate the moral climate in our country for the next generation. They also fear that his huge massive government social programs will increase the tax burden and bring our country closer towards socialism.

The Democrats fear a Senator McCain presidency because they believe he will be just like President Bush. They believe that he will give tax cuts to the rich, but do nothing for the middle class. They believe that he will continue to leave us in Iraq and perhaps get us involved in another war.

The reason that presidential elections continue to be the "most important" election of our life time is because we allowed the president to have too much power and we have gone away from the Constitution, which is the law of the land.

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