Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paul's Ponderings Presidential Endorsement

This has been an interesting presidential election season. It began for me a year ago as I started looking at the Republican candidates. I was very disappointed with the offering to say the least, then my brother told me to check out Ron Paul, and I did. It is no secret that through the caucuses and primaries I supported Congressman Paul, but his campaign didn’t amount to much (aside from raising money). That means I was stuck with two options: Senator McCain and Senator Obama. The problem is that the principles of following the Constitution, liberty, and limited government that I had grown found of because of Ron Paul’s campaign are nonexistent in the policy of either mainstream candidate. There was a time, centered around Senator McCain’s pick of Governor Palin, that I thought I would go ahead and vote for Senator McCain, but when it came down to it I knew that he is pro-big government. His vote for the bailout confirmed my decision not to vote for the lesser of two evils.

This meant that I had to find a new candidate to endorse. I thought for a time of writing in Ron Paul, but after checking out my options I decided that I would vote for Chuck Baldwin. Paul’s Ponderings is proud to support Chuck Baldwin for president. I know that there isn’t a chance of him being elected, but I have come to understand that it is best vote based on your principles rather than on party affiliation.

I know it seems like I am wasting my vote, but I want to ask you; “How will things every change if we keep doing the same thing we have always done.” Both Democrats and Republicans complain about the condition of our country, but who has been in power? It is insane to put the very people with the same ideas that have been ruining this country back into power. My vote is part protest vote and part principle vote, but it is not a wasted vote.

Go check out Chuck Baldwin and then ask yourself this question: “Who lines up better with my principles: Chuck Baldwin, Barrack Obama, or John McCain?” If Chuck Baldwin lines up better with what you believe in and you still vote for party affiliation I would say it is your vote that is wasted.


Rebecca said...

So Chuck is not on our ballot - I guess he needs to be a write in - except I am not voting for Chuck. As much as I respect your opinion and as right as you usually are - I have to vote for McCain.

Paul said...

Rebecca, If Chuck Baldwin wasn't on the ballot in Iowa I wouldn't vote for him, but since he is (at least according to his website) I am. Otherwise I would either write in Ron Paul or swallow my pride and vote McCain.

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