Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So This is what the Pot said to the Kettle

Here we have Keith Olbermann (the pot) calling various Republicans (the kettle) black. I laughed and laughed as I watched this. The self-righteousness of Olbermann blinding him from the reality that he was doing the very same thing he was criticizing the Republicans for doing. Maybe if I paid attention more to the liberal media I would find this whole election process far more entertaining.

Let me explain to Mr. Olbermann why the liberal political class is anti-America: they don't follow the Constitution. Our country is falling down around us, and we totally ignore the foundation on which it is built. If that is not anti-America I don't know what is.

That being said the Republicans for all their talk about being pro-America and country first aren't any better. In fact under a Republican President we have seen the Constitution literally ignored and personal liberty taken away. The Republicans are just as anti-America as the Democrats, they just do it in a more Patriotic way.

The problem is that neither side realizes it. Why? They don't realize it because they are doing all of this for the common good; they tell themselves they are helping America. They have come to believe in the innate goodness of their agendas and policies. Neither party is out to destroy America, but that is what they are doing. We have to look no further than the economy to see this happening. Good intentions by politicians and political parties are not enough. Real hope for America is found in returning to the Constitution (plus, it wouldn't hurt for the Church to actually be the Church).

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