Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote for the Guy with a Calm Demeanor

I am so tired of the presidential election. Do people just lose their common sense when it comes to their candidate? Take this for example: Senator Obama's calm demeanor is the product of his deep spirituality.
It seems to me that BO could not maintain this unshakeable calm were he not an exceptionally grounded, centered, and spiritual person.

First of all what does it mean that Senator Obama is a spiritual person? Let us remember being spiritual is not synonymous with being a Christian (a Christ Follower). So it doesn't impress me that he might be a spiritual person, after all Oprah is a spiritual person and I think she is dangerous.

Second is the reality that a calm demeanor is product of many different things. I am for the most part a calm guy. I remember a time in college when guys messed up stuff in my room just to see me get angry, because they never had seen me lose my cool (which I didn't then either, partly because I knew what they were up to). I attribute my calmness to my personality more than my spirituality. So it is by no means an indicator of a spiritual person.

Third, it is a superficial reason to support a candidate for president (I realize that Tony Jones has other reasons for supporting Senator Obama). Shouldn't we support a candidate based on his/her agenda? That is why I am not supporting Senator Obama or Senator McCain, I think they are both equally bad for the United States, because of their big government solutions.

"Hey, I am supporting the guy with the calm demeanor!" No wonder our country is in trouble.

A couple more thoughts I had about the calm demeanor of Senator Obama while I was walking my dog. If Roger Hedgecock is right, perhaps Senator Obama's demeanor masks a passive-aggressive bent that people wouldn't want to cross.

During the primaries Governor Mitt Romney was running on the Republican side of things and I think people would look at Governor Romney as a calm, got-it-together type of guy. My problem with Governor Romney was I never felt like I could trust him, he seemed to be a snake oil salesman. I get the same feeling from Senator Obama. So perhaps his calm demeanor comes from the fact that he is running a con?


Angel said...

I believe Obama to be a Christian. He has given his testimony of faith and I see no reason to doubt him. I view him as a brother in Christ.

That being said, I don't think that he is passive aggressive because he is calm. And, I don't think he has some awesome spirituality that makes him calm. Some people are just that way. They are confident.

But, that is not to say that I do not believe that one's faith in Christ cannot calm them regardless of what they face. It can. If we truly believe in the Lord and give Him our worries, cares, and everything else in between ... we can be calm in the storms of life.

Rebecca said...

I have heard him talk about his faith, I haven't heard him talk about how he believes that Jesus is the Son of the Living God and that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. He may believe that, I am not going to argue there.

Where I get caught up is that I can't see how any Christian can be Pro-Choice. I know that there are some who are both, but I don't get it. When someone says they are a Christian and then they believe abortion is okay, I struggle accepting it. I don't think the two go together. I am very passionate about this issue.

Paul said...

Whether or not Senator Obama is a Christian is irrelevant to me. I don't know HIM well enough to say one way or another, but my point is that there are different reasons for a calm demeanor and a deep spirituality is just one of them.

What is relevant to me is his agenda, and his agenda is bad for America. What this whole calm demeanor thing shows is that Americans go for style over substance. Senator Obama is leading in the polls, not because he has better ideas than Senator McCain, but because he is cooler than Senator McCain.

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