Saturday, November 22, 2008

Scripture and Theology

I appreciate what Ben Witherington wrote on his blog earlier this week.  It is always nice to have a scholar affirm your thoughts.  This is part of what he wrote:
I must confess that as a NT scholar I am inherently suspicious about theological systems like Calvinism or Dispensationalism or even Arminianism and the like which seem to foster certain kinds of feelings of intellectual certainty and even smugness about things that are in fact profound mysteries. 

I would encourage you to go and read the entire post: John Piper Explains Why Calvinists are So Negative. Though I should point out I haven't been wondering why Calvinists are so negative, but how our theologies can blind us to the truth of Scripture.


Rick D. said...

Hi Paul,

My .02 on this is that we come to believe that the world as it is (how we experienced it from childhood onward through today), coupled with our religious indoctrinations, lock us into blinders like a draft animal so that, instead of God's transcendent nature, all we see are the ruts we're familiar with traveling.

Stan said...

Funny thing ... my "theological system" has brought me a great deal of joy and peace where I lacked it in the past. I am more positive today because of it. I don't know that I'd categorize it as "intellectual certainty," but I am more comfortable with what I believe now than before. On the other hand, why is it that being more sure of what you believe is a bad thing? (Rhetorical question.)

Paul said...

Thanks for the comments. Rick it is very true that we get into ruts, and the result is that we have a hard time seeing the truth, and the "truth" we think we have is usually anything that we find that agrees with how we look at the world.

Stan, you are not one of those "negative" Calvinists. To be honest I haven't run into very many. There is something to be said for confidence in what we believe. It is my opinion there are too many people who want to leave too much to mystery, so much so that we can't be certain about anything. That is the opposite extreme to thinking we have everything figured out.

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