Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Evaluating Character

Ever since I preached through the first three chapters of Revelation I have contemplated writing an article about using Jesus’ words to evaluate our church families. Yesterday morning I sat down and jotted down a few notes about what I wanted the article to be about.

As I have continued to think about this idea a thought occurred to me: Jesus doesn’t evaluated doesn’t evaluate the seven churches’ performance related to the Great Commission. He doesn’t talk about attendance, baptisms, or the number of people in ministry. What Jesus does look at and evaluate are the churches character. Are they faithful? Are they living differently from the world around them? Are they compassionate and loving? Do they stand for the truth? Do they hate immorality?

The question that popped into my head was: why does Jesus focus on their character, rather than their performance? I believe it is because it doesn’t matter how many members a church has, because if that church doesn’t have the right character they are not making disciples. In other words having the right character comes before accomplishing the task. When we have the holy character God desires us to have then we will influence the world around us, because we will truly be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world”.

Lord God, help me to see my life and my church family through Your eyes, and show me the areas that I need to change...

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