Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Life Robber of Laziness

Change seems to come slowly. I want things to be different right now. I want to start living life right now. The problem is that I keep falling into the same traps I have always fallen into. Laziness is a big one. Laziness is a life robber.

In John 10:10 Jesus says there is a thief out to steal, kill, and destroy people's lives. While Jesus came to give people life, Satan is out to destroy that life, and one of the tools he uses to do that is laziness.

Laziness makes me to be a "life voyeur rather than a life voyager" (stealing a phrase from Erwin McManus). I watch people live life, whether it is movies or sports, and as a result I don't live my own life.

Laziness causes me to day dream. Dreaming isn't a bad thing. Dreams are the fuel that help people accomplish great things, but day dreaming is. Day dreaming is about not focusing on the now and focusing on the what will never be. I dream of a life that I want to live, but I never take the steps to make it a reality. Day dreaming is much easier than doing the actual work.

How do I stop being lazy? I need goals, steps to accomplishing those goals, and accountability (for accomplishing my current responsibilities as well as pushing me to accomplishing my goals). Perhaps the place to start is to write down the goals I have for life.

Lord, I know that You are at work in my life. Help me to join you in the work in transforming my life.

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