Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Link: Testimony of a Chaplain

Chaplain Craig Honbarger was deployed for 15-months, and since returning home his out look on life is different. This is part of what he writes:
"Since returning home after a 15-month deployment, I’m completely and perfectly ruined. Sure, I suppose I have changed—I’m not sure I would call it post-traumatic stress disorder, but still I’m ruined just the same.

I’m ruined in part because all of my old hobbies don’t matter much anymore. I used to strap on spandex and Styrofoam, jump on my bicycle, and ride sometimes a hundred miles a week. Those miles did not include the back-and-forth-to-work mileage and my normal physical training with the troops."
You can finish reading The Testimony of a Chaplain: Ruined here.

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