Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Link: Understanding Biblical Covenants

One reason, I believe, we have so much confusion and disagreement in the Church about theology and doctrine is a lack of understanding about covenants. Our God has chosen to relate to us through covenants, and the Bible reveals Him to be a covenant-maker and a covenant-keeper, so it would be good for us to understand what covenants are and the part they played in the Bible.

My Basic Bible Doctrine professor from college, Mr. McCoy has written about this. He points out one of the dangers of failing to understand covenants:
Every term/promise/command/blessing-curse is limited to the Covenant of which it was a part. The three are a unit and stand/fall together (Hebrews 7:12). When a covenant ends, like writing a new "last will and testament," it all ends and any "new" covenant will define its own parties, terms, promises and curses, and form of oath-swearing! Mixing and matching elements from different covenants has created a great deal of confusion. Many in our time want to claim for themselves OT material promises and NT forgiveness while ignoring the distinct definitions and limitations of parties and oath-swearing! A good deal of the theological confusion that exists in Christendom arises from confusion over how to handle the Biblical covenants.
If you have time I would encourage you to read what Mr. McCoy wrote, Understanding Biblical Covenants, and think about how it applies to how we relate to God.

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