Monday, February 02, 2009

Preparing For Life

I wanted to let my vast reading audience that I am taking the next forty days off from the internet. Why might you ask? This really doesn't have anything to do with blogging. In fact, I finally found a groove that I liked, no but else may have liked it, but I did.

No, this break is from the internet in general, so I can focus on few things that I need to do. First, I am going to Wild at Heart Boot Camp at the end of April/beginning of May, and I want to make sure that I get through Wild at Heart (which I am journalling through) and The Way of the Wild Heart (with the companion Field Manual).

A second reason is so can I start to prepare to run a 5K this summer. The internet is the big distraction that keeps me from going to the gym at night. I am hoping that 4o days with out the internet might help me establish a pattern of going to the gym.

A third reason is to focus on finishing up the Paul's Ponderings Devotional I have been working on. I would like to get that finished so I can know that I am able to write a book (getting a book sold is another issue).

Forty days is common Biblical time period of preparation, such as Jesus' forty days in the wilderness. So the next 40 days I want to take the time and focus on preparing for whatever God has in store for me next.

Thanks for reading. I hope I don't lose too many of you, but I understand if you leave. There a many other blogs out there with owners who are far more dedicated to their craft than I. See you in forty.


Tom said...

We will be around when you come back. God's blessings on your efforts!

No_Longer_Bound said...

God bless you. I'm new here, and I subscribed to your blog because of this post.

Beyth-'el [house of God] said...

Fantastic blog!

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Anonymous said...

I miss your Blog, Paul. Will look forward to the end of those 40 days. :)
Charlotte :)

Ryan said...


I hope that you are enjoying your sabbatical. I too am training for a run, perhaps a half marathon, and have been on the webs a little less these days.

I wish you continued prosperity.


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