Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Link: The Death of Truth

One of the realities of moving from a modern mindset to a post-modern mindset is the loss of truth. We live in a culture where there is no higher truth than what we learn from our experiences. This provides some challenges for the Church as we try to impact our society with the good news about Christ Jesus.

At, Greg Koukl wrote an article about what happens with the idea of absolute truth dies in a culture. He writes:
When truth dies, all of its subspecies, such as ethics, perish with it. If truth can't be known, then the concept of moral truth becomes incoherent. Ethics become relative, right and wrong matters of individual opinion. This may seem a moral liberty, but it ultimately rings hollow. 'The freedom of our day,' lamented a graduate in a Harvard commencement address, 'is the freedom to devote ourselves to any values we please, on the mere condition that we do not believe them to be true.'
You can read the entire article, The Death of Truth, here.

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