Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Unspectacular Days

Days, for the most part, aren’t spectacular. Most days are pretty ordinary and are made for the routine of life. Yet, it is there ordinary-ness that makes them spectacular. God can, and will use, even the most ordinary things to touch our lives.

Ordinary days are like the green plains and hills of Iowa. The spectacular days are like the mountains of Colorado. It is hard not to be in awe of the mountains when you visit Colorado, but the here in Iowa the beauty of the hills and trees and cornfields is often lost. Why? Their beauty becomes ordinary (so I would imagine the beauty of the mountains is often lost on those who live there).

What am I talking about? There are days that I know beforehand are going to be special: holidays, vacations, church camp, and even Sundays. These days are important because special significance has been attached to them. They may not always live up to their expectations, but there is a sense that they are special. I want all my days to be special, and that is why it becomes so frustrating to live the ordinary days. The days that are filled with routine and responsibility. They just don’t seem to be as important. The reality is that they have the potential to make a huge impact in my life if I would just take a moment and consider what God is saying and doing.

Just as the beauty in Iowa is hard to see at times, it is there if I look, there is meaning and purpose in the routine and responsibility if I look for it. There is no such thing as an ordinary day if I give that day over to God. He will use each day to bring me a little further along to becoming the person He created me to be.

It is also important to remember that these seemingly ordinary days, the ones filled with routine and responsibility, help me appreciate the spectacular days even more. To be able to break free from the routine of life is a bigger deal when I actually have a routine to my life. So living in the ordinary makes me appreciate the spectacular even more, just as living in Iowa makes me appreciate Colorado more than those who live in Colorado.

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