Thursday, August 20, 2009

Being Prepared

Posted Wednesday November 9, 2005

“You may truly believe that you are meant to be married--but God may have some things He wants to teach you, some ways He wants to see you grow--before you take that step. For one, He may be teaching you to wait patiently on Him.” ~ Rebecca St. James; Wait for Me

We are so impatient. It is hard for us to wait for anything, especially if it is something that we really want. What we end up doing in so often is charging ahead, even when we are not fully prepared to handle the situation. How many bad marriages are the result of people not willing to wait until they were better prepared to be married?

What Rebecca St. James mentions about marriage can be applied to other areas of our life. In Experiencing God Henry Blackaby mentions seminary students whom he has known who felt the call of God to go into ministry, but who did not want to wait to be prepared for that responsibility. They dropped out of seminary and shipwrecked their ministries because they were not adequately prepared.

God told Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation, but Abraham was a man without a child. It was about twenty-five years before God brought Isaac into Abraham’s life. What did God do during those twenty-five years? He prepared Abraham to be the father Isaac needed and as a result Abraham is the example of faith that we still look to today.

I believe that often God is more concerned with this act of preparation than He is of the ministry He has called us to accomplish. Yes, the ministry allows us to impact the lives of other people, but that only happens because God has been working in our lives to mold us into the people He wants us to be. The life of faith is developed in risking and in waiting patiently. There are times when we need to be patient and allow God to work in our lives.

Don’t get discouraged because it seems like your life hasn’t been very effective. Remain faithful because sooner or later God will use you to do something great for His Kingdom. Preparing always takes longer than the actually event. From football games to concerts we see this fact played out everyday of our lives. If we are properly prepared than we will be able to do what God has planned for us to the best of our abilities.

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