Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Quote: Going to God in Gratitude

“Humility brings us to God not out of obligation but out of gratitude. When we humble ourselves we choose the place of least honor and allow God to call us to any role of servanthood He might desire. Humility begins with emptying ourselves so that we can receive from God all that we need for the journey.” ~ Erwin McManus, Stand Against the Wind; p. 34


Frank Jenkins said...

Great quote. I like the Lost series you are doing. I'll come back and read this when I get time. Feel free to come by and read my stuff at One Man Revival.


Hubie Goode said...

How true a statement. I, myself, have a college degree and a minor in psychology. I used to find interest in trying to help others, with a psychology mind set. The more and more I have grown in the scriptures, the more and more I have had to throw away in the position of explaining why people do the things they do. More and more I have had to empty those things taught me in school for the simple explanation that man's problem is sin, disconnect from God .... and not much else.

Paul said...

Thanks for the comments. The Lost series are the daily devotions I wrote for a week of high school camp I attended last week.

It certainly is a sin problem that we face. Sin is the best explanation for the condition of the world, why we choose to indulge our selves rather than helping those in need.

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