Monday, November 09, 2009

The Lord Waits

Originally posted Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Take a moment and consider Isaiah 30:18; But the LORD still waits for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion. For the LORD is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for him to help them (NLT). God is waiting for us to turn to Him.

Though when I examine my life I realize that I am full of talk. When I am feeling down it is easy for me to talk about waiting on the Lord and trusting the plans of God, but my actions tell a different story. Rather than going to God for comfort I seek other ways to distract myself from the circumstances around me. Then I wonder why nothing changes in my life.

In Isaiah God makes it clear that He wants to help us. His desire is to show us the love we want, no the love we need to have. Though God’s love is unconditional and is offered to everyone we still must chose to go to God in order to receive it. We will not discover it while we are seeking life on our own.

How do we receive the love God has for us? King David in Psalm 51 gives us an insight on how we are to approach God; You would not be pleased with sacrifices, or I would bring them. If I brought you a burnt offering, you would not accept it. The sacrifice you want is a broken spirit. A broken and repentant heart, O God, you will not despise (vv. 16, 17; NLT). How we long to do something that shows God our guilt and sorrow, but David reminds us that that is not what God is looking for.

We are not to approach God with a religious piety and tradition. Going through the motions of a religion does not move God’s heart. What moves the heart of God is when we approach Him weak and broken. Not because He enjoys to see our suffering, but because it is at that time in our lives that we realize that only through God do we have hope. Until we approach the throne of God broken and repentant we will never realize the awesome love God has for us. Pride is the biggest obstacle we have in experiencing the love God has for us.

When we are prideful we look to change our circumstance ourselves. We put our energies into pursuing happiness that we want to have. We may say all the right things and do all the right things, but pride will keep us from experiencing God’s love.

I am so tired of mouthing the right things and ignoring God. My pride has kept me from admitting my weakness and my need for God’s strength. I come before God with a humble spirit in search of His love. Will you do the same?

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