Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful or Give Thanks

I have mentioned before that I can be a little dense, and therefore it takes me a little while longer to figure some things out. For the past week or so I have noticed people on Facebook post things that they are thankful for. As I read these I realized that just because you are "thankful" doesn't mean that you acknowledge that it is a gift from God. I am afraid that in most people's minds saying that they are "thankful" just means that they appreciate certain things in their lives.

For the follower of Christ this holiday of Thanksgiving should be a time when we acknowledge that God has blessed our lives and tell Him thank you. It isn't enough just acknowledge that there are good there are good things in our lives. Everyone can find something in their lives that they appreciate, what needs to set Christians apart is our willingness to say thank You to the one who gave us the good gifts.

My challenge to all of us is not just to be thankful, but to give thanks as well. Anyone can be thankful, but it is an act of faith to give thanks to Creator God for all He has given us.

"Anyone can attend church. Only truly devoted followers of Jesus can change the world." - Aaron Brockett

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Mike Simmons said...

Amen. Being thankful implies someone to be thankful to and for. Unfortunately our Thanksgiving national holiday has become secular as well. But there's always hope. Nice post - thank you.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Paul; these are good points. I've noticed this too... and just in general, I've noticed so many "spiritual" things being lauded and talked about freely while God is somehow being left out. Just as you say: it's as if we fall into acknowledging the spiritual thing or in this case, the blessing without acknowledging the Spirit who gave the blessing.

May we all thank the true God for His goodness and blessings... especially that most precious gift of life and salvation through His dear Son!

Paul said...

Thanks for the comments. I think that most people who say they are thankful are just pointing out the "good" aspects of their lives. They are not necessarily connecting the blessings of their lives with God.

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