Monday, November 02, 2009

Time To Face Reality

Circumstances in my life have lead me to ask some tough questions about myself. Questions that I would rather not deal with, but important questions if I am serious about be a good steward of the life God had given me.

Too often people fail to examine their lives and ask the tough questions. They try to keep the status quo and not rock the boat, and the result is that they remain stunted in their maturity. Some of our most profound times of growth occur when we take stock of our lives and begin the hard work of making the appropriate changes.

What is true on a personal level is also true on a group level. Churches stagnate and die because the members didn't want to take the time and face reality. In our country we are facing the church is facing a crisis because we have ignored reality and have not made the necessary changes to remain relevant to the culture.

This is also true in the nation as a whole. We can talk about a health care crisis or a financial crisis, but we never ask the tough questions that need to be asked to truly get to the bottom of the problem. We don't want to hear that the problem is greed or a lack of responsibility, we just want the government to fix the problem. We don't want to address the crisis of the family that has swept this nation and how that is going to negatively effect the success of the nation.

My point in all of this is to remind us that as long as we are dealing with superficial issues we will continue to miss the core problem. Whether it is in our personal lives, in our churches, or in our nation, let look beyond the superficial and take a look at what really matters. While this might be harder in the short term it will pay huge benefits, because we will have found answers rather than to continue to chip away at all the side issues that come up.

If we never face reality we will never be able to be the people, the church, or the country God created us to be.

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