Friday, December 04, 2009

Do I Trust God?

Have you ever had a snapshot of a story line pop into you head? Perhaps, you have taken it a step further and thought, "That would make a great movie."

A few days I ago I had that happen to me. I was in the shower and I had three scenes entire my mind, each one accompanied by thoughts and emotions. The first scene I see this young man in a ninja costume being handed a sword. A sense of pride and optimism accompanied this picture as I realized he was being given a great task, he was to protect a woman from things that go bump in the night, it was the task that he was trained to do.

The next scene is this "ninja" (a cross between Snake Eyes and Batman) battling demonic looking creatures, and in the distance is this woman he is to protector and her boyfriend. That is when I realize that this woman is the ninja's true love, but for him to suceed in his mission, not only does he have to keep her and her boyfriend safe, but he must remain in the shadows. She can never know what is happening behind the scenes of her life, and who is fighting for her life (a life she doesn't even know is in danger).

The third and final scene is the couple's wedding day, and the ninja is in a tree looking on. Mission accomplished, and because he did his mision well, the woman he loved, the woman he risked his life to protect, became the wife of another man, and able to enjoy a wonderful life without him. A saddness overcame my heart, because it didn't seem fair, after all if he was going to fight for her, he should be rewarded. He should be the one who was able to spend the rest of his life with her.

As I pondered about these three scenes and my reactions to them I realized that we do the samething with life. I had three scenes from a story, and that is all. I don't know what happens to the ninja, the future is still waiting to be created. The reason I had saddness, and the reason this seems unfair, is because we believe what is the best is what will make me happy in this moment. It is hard for us to believe that as much as something is good right now, that there might be something better further down the word.

Here is there point I am trying to make: because of our limited perspective what seems best to us may not really be the best. Since we have this limited perspective it is very important that we seek God's guidance for our lives. We need to be able to leave behind those things that seem good to us, but God tells us to drop. We need to be patient and wait on God's timing rather than allowing desires and fantasies to consume our hearts. We need to trust God more than we trust ourselves, believing that if we follow Jesus He will lead us into the best possible life that we can have.

This line of thinking reminds me of something that Erwin McManus once said, "If you go for the right reasons, God will get you to the place." Our responsibility is found in examing our motivations and aligning them with God's will (which requires prayer and Bible reading), and then in our going. We cannot get to the right place if we do not make the choice to go, to live out God's will.

God's resposibility is to guide us to the right place. Whether our not we accomplish our responsibility depends on whether or not we trust God to do His. The question we need to ask ourselves is: "Do I believe God has my best interest at heart." The way we choose to live will reveal the answer.

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