Saturday, December 05, 2009

Don't Be Too Busy To Love

Friends. They are so vital to our lives, and yet we can think of dozens of different reasons not to cultivate friendships. It is time consuming work to maintain friendships, and so we allow ourselves to be pushed along by life only stopping to connect with people when it is convenient to us.

One of the reasons I bring this up is because I often feel like I get treated that way. Yes, I am your friend, but the relationship is based on your terms. So, when I call, they don't return the message, or when I write an email they don't bother with a reply.

It is crucial for us to remember that we are sending a message with our silence. Being busy is no excuse for ignoring someone. We are all busy, and so relationships require we put aside, for a moment, the busy-ness to focus on the person. To allow our busy-ness to consume us makes us very self-centered people.

The sad reality is that as I examine my life I realize that I have done the same thing. I haven't returned phone calls and gave ignored emails. I pushed away the thought of buying the thank you card or stopping for a visit because I didn't have the time. People who I love and care for are left to wonder if anyone truly cares.

Here is the question I want you to ponder: who is in need of your love and encouragement today? I am sure there is someone you know who is longing to hear a friendly voice or see a smiling face. Who are you going to share you love with today?

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