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Prayers For My Unknown Wife

There are certain activities/disciplines that we understand should be part of our lives as we follow Christ, but we are uncertain how to do them, and so they remain undone. For most of my life I have known it was important for me to pray for my wife, but I never knew what to say, and so it has never been something that I have done on a consistent basis. In the past three months as I have made a renewed commitment to marriage I have begun praying everyday for the woman who will be my wife. What I am sharing today are the prayers that have risen to the surface and thus have guided my time of prayer.

In my life I have set-aside three times during the day to pray. The first time of prayer is in the morning after I have done my devotional reading for the day. At this time I pray for the day that is before me and for my family, lifting each one up to God by name. The second time of prayer is when I go home for lunch. At this time of prayer I pray for people and organizations that God has put upon on my heart. The third time of prayer is right before bed. At this time of prayer I pray for the Storm Lake Church of Christ and my ministry in this community.

During each time of prayer I say a prayer for my wife. I do this for two reasons. The first reason is to lay her life in the hands of God, teaching myself to trust Him to guide and protect her life. The second reason is to help my heart form an attachment to her, even though we are apart. I need to be constantly reminded that what I do right now will eventually effect her as well.

In the morning this is what I pray for my wife:
Heavenly Father I ask that you will bless my wife’s life this day. Bless her work, may she be productive and may it be helpful to people. Bless her home, may it be a place of rest and a refuge from the world. Bless her study, may she come to know Your truth more deeply. Bless her play, may she be able to enjoy the pleasures of this world and find rest and relaxation in Your goodness. Bless her worship, may it be a time of intimate connection with You. Bless her ministry, may it provide hope and encouragement to other people.

Lord, I ask that You will clothe her with Your armor this day so she is able to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy. Put the belt of truth around her waist so she will live a life of integrity. Put upon her the breastplate of righteousness and enable her to do the good works that You have planned for her to do. Slip on her feet the shoes of the gospel of peace which will enable her to stand firm because she knows she has been reconciled to You, but will also give her the willingness to share this Good News with people who need to hear it. Put in her hand the shield of faith and give her the knowledge and experiences she needs to use this shield effectively. May her faith prove to be a formidable barrier against the attacks of the enemy. Put upon her head the helmet of salvation which will give her confidence and hope in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus, so she knows that her life is secure in Him no matter what happens in her life. Train her in the use of the sword of the spirit, which is Your Word, so she is able to use it correctly and gently to convict her heart, as well as the hearts of others, with Your truth.

In the afternoon this is what I pray for my wife:
Heavenly Father I ask that You will use my wife to be a beacon of hope, love, and faith in this dark world. May her life burn brightly for You.

Lord God fill her with a knowledge of Your will and with spiritual wisdom and understanding so that she will live a life that honors Christ Jesus (adapted from Colossians 1:9, 10). Help her to lay down roots into Him so that He will be her source of life (adapted from Colossians 2:7).

In the evening this is what I pray for my wife:
Dear God, Creator of heaven and earth, I ask that You will watch over my wife tonight. Grant her sweet dreams and provide her with a restful night sleep so she is able to arise to the challenges that await for her tomorrow.

Lord, You are her shepherd; provide for her what she needs. Lead her to places of rest and restoration that will renew her strength and restore her soul. Guide her along paths of righteousness so she will bring honor to Your name. Comfort her in the dark, depressed, and tragic times of life so she will come to know You as her Loving Heavenly Father. Bless her life so she can be a blessing to others. Love her and teach me to love her.

There is more that I pray around these themes, such as giving us a shared passion for ministry and to help us use this time of singleness to prepare for marriage. I share these thoughts with you in the hopes that they might spur you on in praying for your wife. We need to start moving beyond good intentions to actual action, because an intended prayer is worth nothing, but a prayer prayed makes all the difference.


Justin Raulston said…
Really good post Paul. Great example for not just all single guys, but for us married guys as well. Thanks for sharing
Hubie Goode said…
I agree, an excellent post. Your vulnerability and compliance before God in this area is evident. I too am still single before God and live in expectation each day claiming to receive my Eve. I am not a big fan of the preaching on "the blessing of singleness" as I believe it is not good for man to be alone, but I use this time to be grown up in the Lord for the day when she and I are presented to one another by God. Thanks so much for the prayers.
pbsteele said…
Thanks Justin for the positive comment. I actually had that thought when I posted it, "I think this is something all guys could use."

Hubie, thanks for the encouragement as well. Since I had lacked guidance in this area I thought I could provide some for others, that was my motivation and the reason I was willing to be so open.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Thank you for posting this! That is an encouragement to ALL single Christians around the world, and definitely an inspiration. I have grown up knowing that I should be praying for my future husband, as you said about your wife, but also have not kept that up on a daily basis. This is very inspiring and a motivation to begin now, because it's never too late. We both need to have grounded roots in Him and an active prayer life. I believe that because you are praying for her now, asking God to draw you and her closer to each other even though you're apart, God will work in your hearts and one day you'll both meet and have a stronger relationship than even the "average" Christians.
Thank you again.
Best of luck,
pbsteele said…
Thanks Kate for the encouraging comment. I am glad that it provided some motivation, that is exactly why I wrote it.
KarBar said…
Prayers for my future husband:
I used to pray to You because I was lonely,
but then You came to me and I was lonely no more.
Then I prayed to You to make me better,
and You came to me and healed my heart.
Now I ask You, dear God, for a glorious mission.
May I contribute to the life of another,
in the deepest way,
the most holy way,
the most loving way,
that together we might serve You more.
May I help a beloved grow closer to You.
May a beloved help me grow closer to You.
May I delight in my partner, and my partner delight in me,
that Your light which unites us might light up the world.
Thank you, God.
I’m Jesus name I pray
Andrae said…
To be recently divorced and broken from that experience. I have been drawn to lean on Christ more and I am loving the relationship growth I have with Him. I do desire to be married to the one God has for me not the one I think he has for me. I have been in the way far too much and I think it is time I pray as you have stated in this message. Thank you for helping me become focused and prepared for future wife.
Paul Steele said…
Andrae thanks for stopping by. I am very glad that you were blest by this post and would encourage you to take this time and prepare yourself for marriage. The one person we have control over is ourself, and therefore it our responsibility alone, with God's help, to work on becoming the man, husband, and father God created us to be.

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