Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Quote: Who Opened the Door?

"The problem with open doors is the emphasis is erroneously placed on the door rather than on God.  Some people enter open doors under the mistaken assumption that God only allows good opportunities to come their way.  Therefore, any good opportunity that comes along must be from God.  Looking for open doors can appear easier than developing a relationship with God.  Various opportunities, including questionable business opportunities and marriage proposals, can be treated as open doors.  As you might imagine, this can often lead to disastrous results...Simply entering an open door without checking to see if God opened it can bring catastrophic consequences." ~ Henry and Richard Blackaby, Hearing God's Voice,  pp. 144-45


Stan said...

The Blackabys are talking about the process of choosing where to go based on opportunities that look good, recognizing that Satan can open promising doors as well. The reverse is also true ... and interesting. We often try to determine if "this choice" is God's will or did I make the wrong one based on its "success" or failure. Is it going "well"? But God often uses "failure" and discomfort to bring about His ends. Look, for instance, at the life of Joseph. At what point would most of us have decided that we made the wrong choice to share with our brothers those crazy dreams? Joseph understood that despite the slavery, the false accusations, and the imprisonment, "You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good."

We cannot determine God's will from how pleasant or "successful" it is.

pbsteele said...

Stan, you bring up a good point. We cannot evaluate something based on the same values that the world uses. God uses all sorts of "failures" to bring about His purposes.

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